Month: October 2018

TDB G1E8 – The Man in The Mud

After cutting a bandit in half anime-style, the party explores down an earthen tunnel to finds a surprise that nobody, not even Ruth Willowmane, could have expected. Thokk and Aerika flash-back to their deepest regrets while Limerick rolls a nat 20 and literally transcends material existence. Sign up for a free account. Check out […]

TDB G1E7 – The Twin Lord

“Aerika Tastes The Stain” and learns some new info, leading the party to head downstairs after getting some “help” lighting a torch from their new gargoyle “friend.” A strange figure appears. Limerick rolls her eyes so hard she almost breaks her face. Thokk tries not to Thokk it up. Aerika gives in to her powerful […]

TDB G1E6 – Gargoyled

The party gets gargoyled as they attempt to break into The Lonely Torch watchtower, base of operations for the Night Blades bandit outfit. Sign up for a free account. Check out the Elderwood Academy Codex Dice Tower. Sign up for The Dungeon Booth mailing list and Go Behind The Scenes for backstage videos and […]

TDB G1E5 – The Golden Tripod

A massive wall of writhing tangleweed blocks the path to the ancient Elven watchtower on the hill in the distance. The party puts the clues together with the help of some high rolls and rides the momentum to spontaneously invent The Golden Tripod. Thokk says ‘Farts’ again and it becomes his canonical catchphrase. Aerika experiences […]

TDB G1E4 – Spielin’ and Healin’

Sheriff Ruth Wilowmane is 5 tankards of fermented goat’s milk deep and it’s 8 in the morning. The perfect amount of buzz to relate the history of a shadowy organization known as the Night Blades and the reasons why our party of adventurers have been hired in the first place. Hit die are expended during […]